Home Works 8: A Forum on Cultural Practices

October 17-27, 2019 | Beirut, Lebanon

Ashkal Alwan, The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts

We do not regret to inform you that Ashkal Alwan is indefinitely postponing all programmes and events scheduled to take place from October 17-27, 2019 as part of the 8th edition of Home Works: A Forum on Cultural Practices.

The launch of this edition of Home Works has once again been overwhelmed by the very forces that had initially led to its inception in 2001. Lebanon is witnessing spontaneous popular uprisings, bent on targeting our current regime and its security apparatuses, as well as toppling sectarian discourses and their hold on public life.

Artistic and cultural institutions and initiatives are in no way isolated from broader civic, political, economic, and ideological contexts, but rather shaped as a result of and in response to historical events and their repercussions. This edition of Home Works initially called on participants to partake in acts of collective world-building, suggesting pathways to re-imagine social relations as they currently stand. Then, it seemed pertinent to echo the region’s manyfold attempts at dismantling inherited structures of the past and designing alternative blueprints for the future, from Sudan to Syria, and from Algeria to Iraq. Today, it is our turn.

In the past week, we have actively participated in mass protests and general strikes, closely monitored the situation as it was unfolding, and consulted with friends and colleagues from the legal, academic, journalistic, and artistic-cultural sectors to decide on the best way forward. Our conclusion: there shouldn’t be any reason to regret or apologize for the indefinite postponement of our programmes and events. Our artistic, intellectual, and organizational energy will be redirected towards the achievement of our hopes and aspirations, the possibility of which is being granted to us by a momentum that should be seized at any cost.

See you on the streets.

Ashkal Alwan

Ashkal Alwan is pleased to announce the 8th edition of Home Works: A Forum on Cultural Practices, a multidisciplinary forum taking place across Beirut every three years and featuring group exhibitions and artist projects and commissions; talks, panels, and readings; music, dance, and theatre performances; film and video screenings; and publications. 

Download full program pamphlet here.

Home Works 8
is made possible with the generous support of:

Partners: Philippe Jabre Association, Robert A. Matta Foundation, Sharjah Art Foundation

Supporters: Marwan T. AssafPeter and Nathalie Hrechdakian, Open Society Foundations, Yola and Charles Noujeim, Fondation Aimée & Charles Kettaneh, Taymour Grahne, Nayla Hadchiti, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Elie Khouri Art Foundation, The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC), Goethe-Institut Libanon and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Institut français du Liban, Tamari Foundation, and others who wish to remain anonymous. 

Following a presumed conclusion of the civil war in Syria, global management consultancies have urged Lebanon and other regional actors to invest in the country’s industrial and urban reconstruction through their private sectors, inviting architecture studios, businesses, tech startups, and public policy think tanks to design, bid in, and scramble for its people’s futures. The human, material, and cultural devastation in Syria is being framed as a ground zero for transnational firms and necropolitical regimes to experiment in market maximization schemes—a violent disavowal of the hope to build another world, envisioned from Daraa to Rojava, and all the way to the Notre-Dame-des-Landes. These endeavors manifest amidst a global conjuncture characterized by decades of neoliberal austerity measures, rampant financialization, accelerated processes of ecological erosion, and a surge in right-wing identitarianism, prompting us to ask ourselves and one another: How do we safeguard the radical imagination from vanquishing discourses and economies of reconstruction? Where do we nourish spheres of interdependence and autonomy in this sterile night?

The 8th edition of Home Works summons artists, curators, filmmakers, scholars, and writers to partake in worldbuilding. In worldbuilding processes, fabricated elements are woven into authoritative realities, forging the perceptible with the imagined, and reconfiguring dominant models of being-in-the-world. When set against the backdrop of modernity and its failed utopian propositions and legacies of cultural infrastructures, worldbuilding offers an infinite set of configurations for ways to feel, make sense of, and render the world. Communities have long confronted the there and then with the construction of fantastical frameworks, designing speculative paradigms for the future, and drawing blueprints for alternative modes of doing. By convoking the radical imagination and exploring imaginary worlds as forms of knowledge, we break from systematic cycles of injury, precarity, and attrition, and participate in acts of re-enchanting the social relations and natural taxonomies that compose our world.

Image caption: Film still from "The Troubled Bear and the Palace" (2019), Walid Siti, 11 min. Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibitions: I will return, and I will be millions, a group exhibition curated by Nora Razian, with Mona Hatoum, INTERPRT (Nabil Ahmed), Candice Lin, Dala Nasser, Tuấn Andrew Nguyễn, and Jenna Sutela; At the still point of the turning world, there is the dance, a group exhibition curated by Carla Chammas and Rachel Dedman with Chafic Abboud, Yvette Achkar, Etel Adnan, Huguette Caland, Saloua Raouda Choucair, Simone Fattal, Farid Haddad, Helen Khal, Aref Rayess, and Dorothy Salhab-Kazemi; and artist projects and new commissions by Haig Aivazian and Jumana Manna, Mandy El-Sayegh, Jumana Emil Abboud, Peter Eramian, Ali Eyal, Charbel-joseph H. Boutros, Ghida Hachicho, Omar Mismar, and Ho Tzu Nyen.

Talks, panels, and readings, with Marwa Arsanios, Athena Athanasiou, Lina Attalah, Kader Attia, Nishat Awan, Merve Bedir, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Haytham El-Wardany, Ghassan Hage, Maxime Hourani, Saba Innab, Antonia Majaca, Raafat Majzoub, Sahar Mandour, Khaled Saghieh, Rijin Sahakian, Mohammed Said Ezzedine, Ghiwa Sayegh, Stefan Tarnowski, Françoise Vergès, Marina Vishmidt, Umut Yıldırım, and Ala Younis.

Music, dance, theatre, and lecture-performances, with Deena Abdelwahed; Fatima Al Qadiri; Tarek Atoui with Eric La Casa; Zach Blas; Fehras Publishing Practices; Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige; Rana Hamadeh; Geumhyung Jeong; Ligia Lewis; Lina Majdalanie, Rabih Mroué, and Mazen Kerbage; Umber Majeed; Mochu; Maryam Monalisa Gharavi; Walid Raad; Alice Ripoll and Cie Suave; Mario Santanilla; and Raed Yassin.

Film and video screenings, with Khaled Abdulwahed, Nazlı Dinçel, Alia Farid, Shadi Habib Allah, Randa Maroufi, Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva, Wong Ping, Roy Samaha, Walid Siti, and Akram Zaatari.

Publication launches and commissions, with Mirene Arsanios and Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Dubailand and Ahmad Makia, Fehras Publishing Practices, Ali Meer Azimi, and Rasha Salti and Christoph Terhechte.

The talks, panels, and readings program is made possible with the support of Sharjah Art Foundation.
Image caption: Still from "Toy Volcano" (2019), Mochu. Courtesy of the artist.

Agial Art Gallery
63 Abdul Aziz street, Hamra district
Tel.: +961 (0)1 345 213 

Al Madina Theatre 
Hamra Street, Saroulla Building
Tel.: +961 (0)1 753 010/1

Ashkal Alwan Building
Jisr el Wati, Souk el Ahad, Street 90, Building 110, facing Chevrolet Impex Garage
Tel: +961 (0) 1 423 879

The Ballroom Blitz
Harley Davidson building, 1st floor, Sea Side Road
Tel.: +961 76 999 334

Beirut Art Center
Jisr El Wati, off Corniche al Nahr, Street 93, Safe Building, facing Sunday Market
Tel: +961 (0) 1 397 018

Metropolis Empire Sofil
Sofil Center, Charles Malek Avenue, Ashrafieh
Tel: +961 (0) 1 328 806

Mina Image Centre
Stone Gardens bldg, Darwich Haddad St, Port District
Tel: +961 81 281 670  

Monnot Theatre
Université Saint-Joseph St., Monnot
Tel.: +961 (0) 1 202 422

Nicolas Sursock Museum
Greek Orthodox Archbishopric Street, Ashrafieh  
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Platform 39
23 Mgr. Ghophrael St., Fassouh, Ashrafieh
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Jisr el Wati, Souk el Ahad, next to Chevrolet Impex Garage
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Sunflower Theater
Sami el Solh Street, end of Badaro Tayouneh roundabout
Tel: +961 (0) 1 426 869

Image caption: Still from "Toxic Semiotics" (2019), Candice Lin. Courtesy of the artist.

Sub Rosa Assemblages
Marwan T. Assaf Collection
Exhibition Tours:
20 October 2019: 6pm
25 October 2019: 4pm
Address details upon registration.
Registration email: mta@mtacollection.com
Pre-registration is required, as places are limited.  

Jumble of a Wandering Architect
Private art collection walkthrough
with Yola Noujaim
October 21, 2019: 1 pm to 4 pm
Tel: +961 (0) 4 717 999
Registration email: yonoujaim@gmail.com
Pre-registration is required, as places are limited.  

The Lyrical and the Prosaic
Exhibition by Urs Fisher
October 21, 2019 – October 17, 2020
Aïshti Building, Jal el Dib Highway
Wednesday to Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm
Sunday: 12 pm to 7 pm
Tel: +961 (0)4 717 716 ext. 300

Guided tours of the foundation
Prior booking is required due to limited capacity
Sursock Street, Charles Aoun Building, Saint Nicolas Stairs, -2
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm 
Tel: +961 (0)1 218 901

Guided tours of the foundation
Booking is required due to limited capacity
October 23 and 25, 2019: 3 pm to 4 pm
4th Floor, Zoghbi Building,
337 Gouraud Street, Gemmayze
Tel: +961 (0)1 569 373

La Vitrine

Photographic Currency
Site-specific intervention  
by Akram Zaatari
September 12 – November 15, 2019
Ground floor, 373 Rue Pasteur, Gemmayze

Project space
The Left Hand of Darkness
Exhibition by Omar Khouri
September 12, 2019 – January 15, 2020
Youssef El Hayek Street,  
facing Ginette, Gemmayze
Monday to Friday: 11 am to 6 pm
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
Tel: +961 71 347 540

Exhibition and event series organised
by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Beirut
October 9 – 26, 2019
America Street, Clemenceau
Monday to Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm
Closed on Sundays 
Tel: +961 (0)1 367 013

Guided tours of the foundation
Prior booking is required due to limited capacity
Mme Curie Street, White Tower Bldg, 2nd Floor, Qraytem
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 4 pm 
Tel: +961 (0)1 791229
+961 (0)3 514105
Facebook: Dafbeirut

Group exhibition
by Ahmed Al Sheikha,  Ahmed Badry,
Jad El Khoury, Sirine Fattouh, Hatem Imam,  
Radhika Khimji, and Nathaniel Rackowe
September 19 – October 28, 2019
Tour de Saroula Building, Hamra
Monday to Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: +961 (0)1 353 222

On a Shore Exhibition
by Ghassan Zard
September 19 – November 15, 2019
Ground Floor, East Village Building,
Armenia Street, near EDL, Mar Mikhael
Monday to Friday: 11 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: +961 (0)1 562 812

Radical Grounds
Exhibition by Paola Yacoub
September 19 – December 27, 2019
1339 Marfa’ (Port) District
Tuesday to Friday: 12 pm to 7 pm
Saturday: 2 pm to 6 pm
Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Tel: + 961 (0)1 571 636

Untitled Exhibition
by Nabil Nahas
September 12 – October 24, 2019
Justinian Street, Clemenceau
Monday to Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: +961 (0)1 365 615

Exhibition by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
August 29, 2019 – January 4, 2020
Tannous Building, 4th Floor, Street 56
Sector 77, Karantina
Tuesday to Saturday: 11 am to 6 pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: +961 (0)1 566 550

Art in Another Language
Exhibition by Farhad Ahrarnia
September 19 – October 24, 2019
Ground Floor, Majdalani Building,  
Charles De Gaulle Avenue, Raouche
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: +961 (0)1 868 290

Image courtesy of Fehras Publishing Practices.

Ashkal Alwan Board of Trustees
Zaza Jabre, Robert A. Matta, Carla Chammas, Hoor Al Qasimi

Exhibitions Guest Curators
Carla Chammas and Rachel Dedman, and Nora Razian

Ashkal Alwan Team
: Christine Tohme, Assistant to the Director: Edwin Nasr,  Production Manager: Mohammed Abdallah, Office Manager: Zeina Khoury, Home Works 8 Coordinator: Thourayya Kreidieh, Production Coordinator: Lara Saab, Librarian: Nadia El Ali, Concierge: Safuan Halabi

Home Works 8 Team
Hospitality & Logistics Assistants: 
Maya Chami, Raseel Hadjian, Digital Communications Coordinator: Bassem Saad, Production Assistants: Hussein Nassereddine, Ghida Bahsoun

Technical & Production Team
Exhibition Design Consultancy: Maroun Lahoud Architecture, AV Consultancy: Takwin Digital, Artists' Projects Assistants: Nesrine Khodr, Jessica Merjaneh, Veda Thozhur Kolleri, Technicians: Mohamad Ali, Mohamad Farahat, Ahmad Hafez, Farah Nabulsi, Salah Eissa, Eyad Al Sheikh, Mazen Ammari, Ali Salameh, Baris Dogrusoz, Kıymet Daştan, Roy Daher, Agata Cieślak, Sound: Fady Aswad (Seedback Audio), Backstage & Wardrobe: Nourhan Fakhoury

Brochure Team
Visual Identity & Design: PenguinCube, English to Arabic Translation: Mohammed Abdallah, Arabic Editing: Youssef Bazzi, English Editing: Edwin Nasr

Publications Design
Fehras Publishing Practices, Farah Fayyad, Hussein Nassereddine,  Karine Wehbé, and Moylin Yuan

27 Oct 2019 - Reading | A sea that builds by Lina Attalah and How Practical Are Queer and Feminist World-Making Projects? by Ghiwa Sayegh

27 Oct 2019 - Music performance | Shaneera (Live A/V Set) by Fatima Al Qadiri

27 Oct 2019 - Panel | Dispossessions by Marwa Arsanios with Athena Athanasiou and Umut Yıldırım

27 Oct 2019 - Conversation | On the Dancefloor of Co-Imagination by Daniel Blanga Gubbay and Raafat Majzoub

27 Oct 2019 - Lecture-performance | Trans-Pakistan Zindabad (Long Live Trans-Pakistan) by Umber Majeed

26 Oct 2019 - Panel | Circumventing Towards the Future by Haytham El-Wardany with Saba Innab, Sahar Mandour, and Mohammed Said Ezzedine

26 Oct 2019 - Performance | minor matter by Ligia Lewis

26 Oct 2019 - Reading | Tripoli-Homs: Route 74 by Khaled Saghieh and Battles in a Future Estate by Ala Younis

26 Oct 2019 - Lecture-performance | Vertigo by Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige

26 Oct 2019 - Conversation | Who Cares? by Nishat Awan and Merve Bedir

26 Oct 2019 - Lecture-performance | Flamers by Zach Blas

25 Oct 2019 - Lecture-performance | Borrowed Faces: A Prologue by Fehras Publishing Practices

25 Oct 2019 - HW8 publications launch and reading

23 Oct 2019 - Theatre performance | Borborygmus by Lina Majdalanie, Rabih Mroué, Mazen Kerbaj

23 Oct 2019 - Performance | CRIA by Alice Ripoll and Cia Suave

22 Oct 2019 - Lecture-performance | Oil Pressure Vibrator by Geumhyung Jeong

21 Oct 2019 - Screening | The Landing by Akram Zaatari

21 Oct 2019 - Performance | While some cry, others sell tissues - the nature of becoming extinct - by Mario Santanilla

20 Oct 2019 - Talk | Embedded Horizons by Rijin Sahakian

20 Oct 2019 - HW8 short films screenings

20 Oct 2019 - Reading | a few big images by Stefan Tarnowski and The Anthropology of Nature in a World Without Us by Maxime Hourani 

20 Oct 2019 - Conversation | On Unalienated Planetarity by Antonia Majaca and Marina Vishmidt

20 Oct 2019 - Lecture-performance | Time Tuning: 50 Years Later by Raed Yassin

19 Oct 2019 - Performance | Can You Make a Pet of him Like a Bird or Put him on a Leash for your Girls? by Rana Hamadeh

19 Oct 2019 - Lecture | Toy Volcano by Mochu

19 Oct 2019 - Talk | Towards a Lenticular Politics by Ghassan Hage

19 Oct 2019 - Conversation | On Strategies of Fugitivity in Societies of Control and Surveillance by Françoise Vergès and Kader Attia

19 Oct 2019 - Lecture-performance | Dirt, Debt, Death, Data by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

18 Oct 2019 - Exhibition walkthrough / Performance | Les Louvres and/or Kicking the Dead by Walid Raad

18 Oct 2019 - Performance | I/E Beirut: two takes of a harbor by Tarek Atoui with Eric La Casa

18 Oct 2019 - Talk | Impunity in a Warming World by Nabil Ahmed (INTERPT)

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | At the still point of the turning world, there is the dance

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | The distance between your eyes and the Sun by Charbel-joseph H. Boutros

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | The Setting of Noon by Haig Aivazian and Jumana Manna

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | Wild flowers in the midst by Peter Eramian and Where does a thought go when it's forgotten? by Ali Eyal

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | God’s Army (and other suffering loves) by Jumana Emil Abboud and R for Resonance by Ho Tzu Nyen

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | Studies on movement by Ghida Hachicho and Schmitt, You and Me by Omar Mismar

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | The Amateur and problems with metaphor by Mandy El-Sayegh

17 Oct 2019 - Music performance | Khonnar (Live Set) by Deena Abdelwahed

17 Oct 2019 - Exhibition | I will return, and I will be millions